“The paint job was completed well ahead of the yachts other work, with Newmil continuing to assist us with bright work maintenance to finish in good form.  Sauer furthermore stood behind his guarantees, immediately addressing any item requiring additional attention after the job’s completion.  I would be very pleased to work with Sauer and Newmil Marine on any future project.  Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require further information.”

– Richrd Fuher, Master
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M/Y Our ToyMaster

“Newmil Marine Yacht Refinishing specializes in painting, varnishing and refinishing of interiors and exteriors.  They are trained and knowledgeable in the application of premium urethane coatings, fairing and bright work.  Newmil did a fabulous job on restoring Keiki Kai to a previous high standard.”

– Captain Trevor Usher
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M/Y Keiki Kai

“Newmil were set up in such a way as to make best use of the time available to carry out the work.  They showed exceptional skills in accomplishing all that they were originally asked to do and to remain within the agreed budget of that provided at commencement of the project, in fact they carried out additional work beyond that originally agreed upon.”

– Anthony, Beveridge, Technical Superintendent

Fraser Yachts

“With the assistance of the professional paint & carpentry services provided by Newmil Inc the yachts maintenance project have always been completed “On Time” and Within the agreed budget.  It was a pleasure to work with a team of skilled professional painters & carpenters.”

– Captain Dave Johnson

M/Y Te Manu

“Work on vessels you painted in the past looked good but what sold me on Newmil was the professionalism of yourself and crew.  You were always willing to do what it took to make this customer pleased.   I will recommend Newmil Marine to any discerning yacht Captain and Owner in the industry and will use you again on future projects.”

– Captain William Capone

M/Y Miss Sarah J

“Newmil has always followed manufacture recommendations and has never had an issue using SeaHawk.  Newmil is a SeaHawk certified applicator and I would highly recommend them.”

– Brad Kleinsasser, SeaHawk Premium Yacht Finishes, South Florida Sales Manager

Sea HawkSouth Florida Sales Manager

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M/Y Moon SandFreelancer

“It is always a pleasure to work with a crew that knows how to put in a full day, and get the job done.”

– Captain Dirk Sachse

M/Y Kelly AnnBusiness Owner

“Newmil Marine has been involved with Amorazur II for a number of years.  Newmil has always provided a large team of painters or varnishers in order to minimize production time.  I have found the workers to be meticulous and quality conscious.  The end result has always been fist class and I’m happy to recommend Newmil team without reservation.”

– Captain Oskar Schonback

M/Y Amorazur IIManager